boost - format long J=-34000-750 K=acker(A,B1,J K řfine Kp...

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%define constantes del sistema % Dp=0.5; x10=37.5; vi=200; L=50e-6; Cc=1.8e-3; R=10.66; x10=37.5; x20=400; A=[0 (1/L)*(Dp-1);(1/Cc)*(1-Dp) -1/(R*Cc)]; B1=[x20/L; -x10/Cc]; B2=[1/L; 0]; C=[0 1]; D=0; D %funcion de transferencia a lazo abierto%%% % [num,den]=ss2tf(A,B1,C,D); Hc=tf(num,den); figure(1) bode(Hc) figure(2) rlocus(Hc,0) r % polos en lazo cerrado
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Unformatted text preview: format long; J=[-34000 -750]; K=acker(A,B1,J) K %define Kp % kp=-10; k Ae=[-8e6*K(1) (-10000-8e6*K(2)) -8e6*kp;(277.77+555.55*x10*K(1)) ((-555.55/R) +555.55*K(2)) (555.5*kp); 0 -1 0]; %Ax=[-8e6*K(1) (-10e3-8e6*K(2)) (-8e6*kp);(277.77+555.55*x10*K(1)) ((-555.55/R) +555.55*K(2)) (555.55*kp); 0 -1 0] eig(Ae)...
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