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% Chapter 2: Figure 2.40% Unforced Response to an Initial Condition% Generates Figure 2.41: Spring-mass-damper unforced response.%y0=0.15;wn=sqrt(2);zeta=1/ (2*sqrt(2));t=[0:0.1:10];%c=(y0/sqrt(1-zeta^2));y=c*exp(-zeta*wn*t).*sin(wn*sqrt(1-
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Unformatted text preview: zeta^2)*t+acos(zeta));%% Boundary Function%bu=c*exp(-zeta*wn*t);bl=-bu;%% Plot Unforced Response %plot(t,y,t,bu,'k--',t,bl,'k--'),gridxlabel('Time (sec)'),ylabel('y(t) (meters)')legend(['\omega_n=',num2str(wn),' \zeta=',num2str(zeta)])...
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