fig4_27 - Compute time response to a unit step disturbance

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% Chapter 4: Figure 4.27%% Analysis of the open-loop speed control system.%Ra=1; Km=10; J=2; f=0.5; Kb=0.1;num1=[1]; den1=[J f]; sys1=tf(num1,den1);num2=[Km*Kb/Ra]; den2=[1]; sys2=tf(num2,den2);sys_o=feedback(sys1,sys2);%% Change sign of transfer function since % disturbance has negative sign in the block diagram%sys_o=-sys_o%%
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Unformatted text preview: Compute time response to a unit step disturbance %[yo,T,xo]=step(sys_o); plot(T,yo)title('Open-loop Disturbance Step Response')xlabel('Time (sec)'), ylabel('\omega_o'), grid%% Steady-state error -> last value of output yo % yo(length(T))...
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