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% Chapter 4: Figure 4.31%% English channel boring machine: system sensitivity % for K=20.%K=20; num=[1 1 0]; den=[1 12 K];w=logspace(-1,3,200); s=w*j;%% Compute System Sensitivity%n= s.^2 + s; d= s.^2 +12*s+K; S=n./d;%% Compute Approximate Sensitivity S = s / K%n2= s; d2=K; S2=n2./d2;%% Generate the plots%subplot(211),
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Unformatted text preview: plot(real(S),imag(S))title('System Sensitivity to Plant Variations') xlabel('Real(S)'), ylabel('Imag(S)'), gridsubplot(212), loglog(w,abs(S),w,abs(S2)) xlabel('\omega (rad/sec)'), ylabel('Abs(S)'), grid...
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