October 22 secular jew

October 22 secular jew - October 22, 2009 Secular Judaism...

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October 22, 2009 Secular Judaism Shabtai Zvi Difference between modern vs. past- Decided best way to live a life to rid of every legal and moral norm. Have as many woman as you can. People said he was the messah because he promised us a good life, money, a lot of women. Became more then our ordinary false messiah. Then arrested him and he thought he had to convert him to islam. False Messiah- Ex) see josephus talks about many false messiahs. See many in the time sof jesus. Other people wanted to be one too. Shabtai was the biggest- wanted to brin gjews back to promise land, and get rid of all the laws jews had up till then. Also got Christians andmuslims to join him too. Mysticism and Messiah Isaac Luria 1534-1572- also known as the lion- his vision of the messiah is not something you wait to happen. You make it happen. Messiah is a person that teaches and makes people into better. Taught that a saintly teacher could redeem a generation. Revlutionary Messiah replaced by heroic messiah. Lurianic Kabbalah Tzimsum : Ein Sof (GOD). Contracts to open a space for creation. Remant of divine light preserved and need to be extracted. Breaking the vessels . Light cannot be contained. Shards of vessels are root of evil. Light scattered and surrounded by matter. Tikkun repair- make the world into a better place. Individual and cosmic. Seperating dvine sparks from shards.
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October 22 secular jew - October 22, 2009 Secular Judaism...

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