some important terms for secular

some important terms for secular - prophet- proph does not...

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prophet - proph does not tell you the future, he only says that if don’t repend they will bare the consequences. The partition - Sols son make a lot of political mistakes. North tribes don’t like taxes so leave. Judea and Benjamen vs. The rest of the 10 tribes aka the kingdom of Israel. Northern Kingdom=10 tribes. Kingdom of Judea - all kings form bet david. Composed of tribes from Judah, binyamon, and shion. Most kings bad for workshiping idosl. Navis were active during this time. Septuagint - translation of the bible. Hebrew bible was translated into greek in ALexandira Egypt. More books added and categories rearranged. Septuagent version of the hebrw bible translated. Pseudepigraphic - has a llegendary account of letter of aristeas of how 70 jewish scholars asked by Ptolemet II to translate torah for inclusion in Philo of Alexandria- jews kept separate and all the sae thing. Jewish religious works from 200-200. Were written originally in greek and put into some churches. Josephus - historian that mentions jewish life under the greeks. Writes down about the hasmonean revolt. First mentiosn the names- commander of jewish arm in 67 last one but didn’t kill him self and became the personal scribe of Flavius. Chanukah - battle between faithful to tradition vs. greek pagans. Ezra and Nechemhiah - Some of the jews who go back during Greece. Last period of the bible. Elaphantine - jews can build temple in Persia and seved as a military alcove. Jason - brings money to antiochos to be priest, but then brother pays more. Gts brother jailed and antiochos gets pissed and ransachs the temples. Antiochos - Purused helination. Sets up alters to greek gods and animals are prohibited to be sacrificed there. Hasmonean - Historical source was from 1 maccabeen and two and is summary of another book by Jason. Biblical canon, catholic and easter orthodox. Josephus wrote down this war. 160-63 BCE. Romans take over in 63. Maccabe 1 - tells of pristsly family of Mattisyahu. Sons of matisyahu lead. Becomes chanuckah in 3 rd month of eyar when maccabees took over the temple and purified it. Leads to hasmonean dynasty. SElucids assimalted, close to (I guess greeks) Pharisees - priestly class, some say jesus was one. Make lie easier through loose interpretations. Rabbinic tradition. Start something called the oral torah. Everyone has right to read jewish texts. Sanhedrin- Sanhedrin, schools, taught students with nothing written, create different tpes of texts. Essenes - people who condem society, live outsides, little sex. – made environment for John the baptiste. Sadduces - Later, with Pharisees, take the place of the priest class and more strict. Gospels - written after jewsus died. Ptolmical text. Written with goal of creating a new relgion. Anti- jewish litt. Jesus
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some important terms for secular - prophet- proph does not...

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