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some important terms for secular

some important terms for secular - prophet proph does not...

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prophet - proph does not tell you the future, he only says that if don’t repend they will bare the consequences. The partition - Sols son make a lot of political mistakes. North tribes don’t like taxes so leave. Judea and Benjamen vs. The rest of the 10 tribes aka the kingdom of Israel. Northern Kingdom=10 tribes. Kingdom of Judea - all kings form bet david. Composed of tribes from Judah, binyamon, and shion. Most kings bad for workshiping idosl. Navis were active during this time. Septuagint - translation of the bible. Hebrew bible was translated into greek in ALexandira Egypt. More books added and categories rearranged. Septuagent version of the hebrw bible translated. Pseudepigraphic - has a llegendary account of letter of aristeas of how 70 jewish scholars asked by Ptolemet II to translate torah for inclusion in Philo of Alexandria- jews kept separate and all the sae thing. Jewish religious works from 200-200. Were written originally in greek and put into some churches. Josephus - historian that mentions jewish life under the greeks. Writes down about the hasmonean revolt. First mentiosn the names- commander of jewish arm in 67 last one but didn’t kill him self and became the personal scribe of Flavius. Chanukah - battle between faithful to tradition vs. greek pagans. Ezra and Nechemhiah - Some of the jews who go back during Greece. Last period of the bible. Elaphantine - jews can build temple in Persia and seved as a military alcove. Jason - brings money to antiochos to be priest, but then brother pays more. Gts brother jailed and antiochos gets pissed and ransachs the temples. Antiochos - Purused helination. Sets up alters to greek gods and animals are prohibited to be sacrificed there. Hasmonean - Historical source was from 1 maccabeen and two and is summary of another book by Jason. Biblical canon, catholic and easter orthodox. Josephus wrote down this war. 160-63 BCE. Romans take over in 63. Maccabe 1 - tells of pristsly family of Mattisyahu. Sons of matisyahu lead. Becomes chanuckah in 3 rd month of eyar when maccabees took over the temple and purified it. Leads to hasmonean dynasty. SElucids assimalted, close to (I guess greeks) Pharisees - priestly class, some say jesus was one. Make lie easier through loose interpretations. Rabbinic tradition. Start something called the oral torah. Everyone has right to read jewish texts. Sanhedrin- Sanhedrin, schools, taught students with nothing written, create different tpes of texts. Essenes - people who condem society, live outsides, little sex. – made environment for John the baptiste. Sadduces - Later, with Pharisees, take the place of the priest class and more strict. Gospels - written after jewsus died. Ptolmical text. Written with goal of creating a new relgion. Anti- jewish litt. Jesus Born in the Galile, from king david, lists genolgoy to give legit, Emperors killed male babies to block enemies.Came at a time when everything looked bad. Took some jewish rituals. Jewish relgion connected to people but Christianity doesn’t matter what relgion you are under. Death of crhist important. Combies essens and Pharisees philosophy.
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