Answering questions for Secular midterm

Answering questions for Secular midterm - 8.27 Abraham is...

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8.27 Abraham is seen as the father of the Jewish people. Why? First monotheist- new idea of the world- obeying gods command. Abraham and Isaac has a special story. What is it? Akedah Yitzchak. 1088bce. Is the patriarch period relevant to a nation or a tribe? It is relevant to a tribe until moses. Then tribes bound to each other through convenents and loyalty to one god. What are different scientific methods used to study Biblical history? Scarabs, coins, carbon 14, ceramics Writing of mesha the king of Moab mentioning his victories over the northern isralite kingdom. External source confirmed event. Egyption writing from Karnak describing the conquests off Shushank. 926 bce earliest time of texts. What were the main achievements of Moses for Jewish history? Was Moses a God, why not? Transformation with moses of the jews from a tribe into a nation. Making a code like hamurabis code like an eye for an aye. Had a writing and an idea of purpose. Couldn’t be a god- showed the distance between god and man. Sometimes bad things just happen. Didn’t’ want people to go to his grave and worship him like a god. 9.1 What did the Israelites want a king? Wanted a strong central leader- taxation, military- if centralized may be able to defend themselves. First one was shaul. What was the relationship between Saul and David? Saul wants to put him to death because he seees the danger he could be to the ouse of saul. King promised daughter to whom ever slained goliath. Daid has a chance to kill saul and doesn’t. What were David’s areas of distinction? Brings tribes into a unified nation. No other king has had such a bio. Youngest child, simpleton, from tribe of Judea. Shepard, musician, harp player Goliath Firsst example of religious poetry. Solomon his son rebuilds Describe the aspects of the biblical story of David and Bat Sheva. Wants someone elses wie so sends him to battle. 9.3 Barbara Tuchman describes the fall of the united Israeli kingdom. Summarize. Looks at the fall as a sign of folly- Solomon didn’t listen to his advisors. Either fell for 2 reasons- religious because wives were gentile married to political
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reasons and brought their idos. Political: The huge building projects ledt to high tax rate and forced labor. She loks at Rehoboam- Listend to advirosr. Broke up country and never reunited. North tribes don’t like taxes so leave. 9.8 Summarize the leadership of Jews in late-Tsarist Russia? What is a court Jew? How did Jews become wealthy in early modern Europe? Had all money in liqued form. So when king needd money. Needed a middle man- liquor, connections, shdatdon- richest jew to represent. Shdatdon- court jew
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Answering questions for Secular midterm - 8.27 Abraham is...

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