November 12- secular judaism

November 12- secular judaism - November 12, 2009 Most of...

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November 12, 2009 Most of jews were not European There were jews who were converted in Africa by other jews. 15% lived in N Africa and looked local These jews were always in the periphery because most of the jews lived in Europe. Mizrachi jewry made up only 10% After the Holocaust European Judaism was virtually extinct. There was a jewish center in the U.S. and Israel. And the ewish communities in N Africa and middle east began a mass immigration towards Israel. Over 1 million jews ffrom North Frica came from the middle east. In the 1950s Israel was in a bad economic state, and tehpeople in themiddle east left. After 1948 it was difficult for jews to live in the arab world and there was a still large connection to Israel. Lower economic status in Israel was part of the lower economic ladder. There were jewish communities in themiddle east before there were jewish communities in Europe. There used to be big one in Egypt. 1492- expelled all jews Ladino- Spanish Yiddish – changed over the eyars All had basic jewish texts they all had- but different textually speaking jews in Europe had their own legal codes. Different philosophies. Philosophy was more developed in the European world. Best example would be maimonedes
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November 12- secular judaism - November 12, 2009 Most of...

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