October 20 Secular judaism

October 20 Secular judaism - Secular Judaism 60 questions...

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October 20, 2009 Secular Judaism 60 questions- in which 50 are counted. Jewish philanthropy- what is (look at table of contents) Know the kimmy Kaplans In “gods voice” does he talk about Israeli culture or new york culture? Something about extra-textual evidence- non-texutal evidence from the bibel. The histoagraphy of the bible. Know that what happened the patriarchs- There will be a question about David the kings. The Jewish Encyclopedia The big empires in the ancient world. Names of the jewish kingdoms Haredi- questions Know about the empries the jews lived under: Persians, Babylonians, Assyrians. Little bit about Chanukah Josephus Anti-semitism in the Ancient world. Something about jesus- abouthim as a jews. Conflict with Rome, why some of the reasons that may have been. QUSTOINS about the Talmud Questions about the Mishneh About the Dead Sea Scrolls Massadah Saccari – Jews in the roman wars- Jews in Rome Questions about the Sanhedrin Yochanen Ben Zakai Bar Kochba Midrash Oral Torah Synagogue vs. Temple Series of Yes and No- Holocaust Cultural memory vs. history- history ist he facts and cultural is what is perceived by the group. Enlightenment Ghetto- place where jews live. Jews forced to live in enclosed society. Word ghetto comes from the word foundry – in Italy. Book By Jacob Kaz- out of the ghetto- emancipation of the jews out o ejws of eastern Europe. Problems: ENglightnement and Hebrew equivalent (haskalah). Absolutism
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Englightenment idea is that reason should guide all of human affairs. History is not as important as logic in organzing socitieties so that religious difference soud not play and difference in those societies. Absolutism- type of government – king is centralized power, he needs jew, because htye pay the taxes and they can lend money. O and there economic prfitablity. Places like berlin and Vienna and up to almost the end of the 18 th century. Number of Jews was limited. Eldest son could work in Veinna, or move ethere is you could be economically
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October 20 Secular judaism - Secular Judaism 60 questions...

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