22 - Secular Jewish Russia Diaspora eastern Europe apart of...

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Secular Jewish September 21, 2009 Russia Diaspora- eastern Europe apart of it. More people live in diaspora than land of Israel for 2,000 years. Now that is changing due to Demographic trends. Russia used to hold the worlds largest Jewish population- 5 million in 1905. Moved in 1980s-90s to Israel. Multiple identities, intermarry, 19 th century- Secularization, assimilate, and acculterate – society intended to educate and secularize the jews. Try and make them acculturate into society. Assimilate or acculterate- which one is better? Assimilate= when jewish persons enter into mainstream society and disappears as a jew. Acculterate= Person integrates but retains some measure of jewish identity. Secularization- eliminate relgion. Rules based on reason and religiously neutral way of life. Haskalah- Hebrew word for enlightenment. It means jews integrated. jewish enlightenment. Emancipiation of jews in Europe in general. Took whole 19 th century to occur. Kept traditional views- go to cheder, keep shabboss, and changeds in dress. Used to wear black kaftan. Kosher food, but kosher ket jews separate and it hard to make relations with non-jews, bad for business. Went slower in Russian government because of laws of the Pale Settlement . o No jews in Russia till 1772, b/c before because used to be all Russian Orthodox. Before 1772, lived in Poland. Poland fell apart and then the Russian government inherits the jews under Catherine the Great and under the influence of Voltaire. Voltair into Enlightenment, every citizen is equal. And then she wanted to liberalize Russian, and then revolution and truned right wing. o Merchants did not like Jews, b/c jew ish merchants tend to undercut the price. Merchants used to have a monopoly. Cut your price or cut out competition. Did to jews. Pale Settlement to keep them from not moving out into the rest of Russia. o Pale settlement - from Baltic sea (lituania) to Odessa and the sea (black sea). Famous cities: Mintz, Vilna, etc. Jews did not have freedom of movement in this area. Could stay a longer time b/c left alone by the gov. Jews were more numberous and 4% of population. o
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22 - Secular Jewish Russia Diaspora eastern Europe apart of...

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