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Questions for secular judaism

Questions for secular judaism - Describe the aspects of the...

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Questions: 8.27 Abraham is seen as the father of the Jewish people. Why? Abraham and Isaac has a special story. What is it? Is the patriarch period relevant to a nation or a tribe? What are different scientific methods used to study Biblical history? What were the main achievements of Moses for Jewish history? Was Moses a God, why not? 9.1 What did the Israelites want a king? What was the relationship between Saul and David? What were David’s areas of distinction?
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Unformatted text preview: Describe the aspects of the biblical story of David and Bat Sheva. 9.3 Barbara Tuchman describes the fall of the united Israeli kingdom. Summarize. 9.8 Summarize the leadership of Jews in late-Tsarist Russia? What is a court Jew? How did Jews become wealthy in early modern Europe? Summarize Caplan’s article? 9.10 What is Jewis-Greek library? What was the political situation in the era of Greek rule? What is Hellenization?...
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