October 4 secular judaism

October 4 secular judaism - October 4, 2009 Secular Judaism...

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October 4, 2009 Secular Judaism Final will be a book report- email about book report Bom Judaism 30 years war- war over religious deifferences- reformation martin luther, reformation is important for jewish history, because christinity is split up. Split into Christian sects. Because if there is no absolute truth then the minority religions are more legitamate. Reformation happened before 30 years. Articles main point- in Spain ends with inquisition and expulsion and many of htem flee to Portugal but then they are expelled from Portugal. Whoever can run east or Poland, Poland becomes the largest. Then maybe go to Italy. Venice has tolerance for Jews. Go to Amsterdam- why? Dutch are tolerant and jews can return to tolerance. Rise of Atlantic Trade and the riches that come from it. Jews play a large role in it. Nacion - Portuguess Spanish jewry and speak Portuguese and ladino like Yiddish, but Spanish. Can a Sephardic jew marry Ashkenazi jew - nope, Ashkenazi seen as lower and backward. Go to Amsterdam where they are allowed religious freedom and go back. Introduced to secularism, rationalism. They are a sign off the future of secular Jewry. Many are wealthy- took their wealth with them from Spain. Once converveted to Christianity so they’re Judaism isn’t that strong. Divison between secular and religion Baruch Spinoza - excommunicated and didn’t believe that rabbis had the right to excommunicate and didn’t believe that the jewish god was just the god of one
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October 4 secular judaism - October 4, 2009 Secular Judaism...

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