Black Letter Elements

Black Letter Elements - Remember — DICE D amages I ntent...

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1Battery q Act (voluntary) q Intending to (a) cause a harmful or offensive conduct OR (b) intended to cause apprehension of such harmful or offensive conduct q Harmful or offensive contact (resulted) q Causation (D’s acts caused contact or set in motion some force) q Lack of Consent (from P) Remember CAHIL ( C ausation; A ct; H armful/Offensive contact; I ntent; L ack of consent) Assault q Act q Apprehension q Intent q Causation q Lack of Consent Remember CIA LAP (Causation; Intent; Apprehension; Lack of Consent; Apprehension) False imprisonment q Act q Confinement (confined to bounded area, via physical restraint or threats of force) q Intent q Awareness of Harm Remember A CONFINEMENT CAN INVOLVE ANGUISH ( A ct; C onfinement; C ausation; Intent; A wareness/Harm) Intentionaly Infliction of Emotional Distress (IIED) q Extreme conduction (outrageous) q Intent (could be recklessness as well) q Causation (connection b/w conduct and distress) q Damages (emotional distress must be severe)
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Unformatted text preview: Remember — DICE ( D amages; I ntent; C ausation; E xtreme conduct) Trespass to Land q Act (voluntary) q Physical Invasion q Intent q Possession—owner had right to possession of the land Remember — PIPIA ( P hysical I nvasion; P ossession; I ntent; A ct) Trespass to Chattels q Act (voluntary that interfered with P’s right of possession of chattel) q Intent q Possession (P either had the chattel or the immediate right to posses it—not future) q Damages (actual damages in intermeddling; taking is sufficient in other) Remember — AID POSSESSION ( A ct; I ntent; D amages; P ossession) Conversion q Dominion and control (substantially interfered w/P’s right of possession, warrants D pay property’s full value) q Intent (mistaken belief is NO defense) q Possession (or immediate right to possess—not future) Remember — DIP ( D ominion; I ntent; P ossession)...
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Black Letter Elements - Remember — DICE D amages I ntent...

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