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Lesson 8 Vocabulary

Lesson 8 Vocabulary - Lesson 8 Vocabulary Xin Please To let...

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Lesson 8 Vocabulary Xin: Please, To let, Allow Gi i thi u: To introduce Xin gi i thi u: Let me introduce Danh d : Honor Hân H nh: to have the honor Làm Quen: to meet (to be introduced to) Hân h nh đ c làm quen v i anh: Nice to meet ượ you Cách đây: ago Cách đây ba năm: three years ago Chuyên (v ): to specialize (in) Sang: to go, come over Bên: side Bên M : in the USA Nghe: to hear Nói: to speak, talk (of about) Đã: to have happened, occurred Th c t p: to practice ự ậ Công ty: company Văn phòng: office S p: soon B o v : to defend Lu n án: thesis, dissertation Ti n sĩ: doctor ế Gia đình: family Ch a có gia đình: to be unmarried ư Đang: to be happening, to be occurring Đ y: Thus, so Sau đó: then, after that S : to happen, occur (in future) Ch a: not yet ư Toán: Mathematics L ch s : History Đ i H c T ng H p: 4 years University Đ i H c Cao Đ ng: 2 years Community College
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  • Spring '09
  • Doan,T.
  • Đại Học, Community College Đại Học Bách Khoa: Polytechnic Institute Làm, College Đại Học, University Đại Học Cao Đẳng

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