Lesson 9 Vocabulary

Lesson 9 Vocabulary - Lesson 9 Vocabulary Gi hc: class...

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Lesson 9 Vocabulary Gi h c: class period ờ ọ V ng m t: to be absent Đi h c: to come to class L n tr c: last time ướ Giao: to assign Cu i cùng: last C a: of Đ u tiên: first Hãy: do something Trang: page Tay: arm, hand Gi tay lên: to raise one’s hand ơ T t l m!: very good! Excellent! ố ắ Lên: to go up B ng: chalkboard Tr : to return Ki m tra: to check, test, examine Bài ki m tra: test, quiz Ôn: to review, read (For test, exam) L i: error, mistake Ng pháp: grammar L n sau: next time Đ ng: do not (imperative) Quên: to forget Xong: to be finished, be done Phòng h c ti ng: language lab ế Băng: tape Ghi âm: to record (sound) Băng ghi âm: audio tape c : continuing w/o interruption Nhé: O.K.? Th i khoá bi u: schedule H c kỳ: semester Lesson 9 Vocabulary N i ti ng: famous renowned ổ ế C : old ancient Mang tên: to be named for M c s : minister ư M t trong nh ng: one of
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