Lesson 10 Vocabulary

Lesson 10 Vocabulary - Lesson 10 Grammar Conjunction: m Tu...

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Unformatted text preview: Lesson 10 Grammar Conjunction: m Tu n sau thi m by gi anh y ch a b t u chu n b . Interrogative work: u Anh i u y? / Anh lm vi c u? Emphatic negation: Mn y t nh ng khng ngon. Prepositions and conjunctions of time Tr c: before Trong: in, within, during Sau: after Tr c khi: before Trong khi: while, as Sau khi: after Khi: when, while, as Conjunction of condition: n u N u t i nay ti lm bi xong s m, ti s xem ti vi tr c khi nh . Construction Whether or not in Viet: C y h i ti tu n tr c chng ti thi mn ti ng Vi t ch a. Modal verbs: mu n, c th , c n, ph i, nn Thng ging h n i c th r t l nh. Ngy mai anh c th n mu n m y pht. Cc anh cc ph i t p ni ti ng vi t nhi u. Chng ti nh i ch i nh ng m a to qu, chng ti ph i nh. Ti c n ni chuy n v i anh. Ti c n ph i ni chuy n v i anh. Quy n sch ny hay l m. Anh nn c. Verbs: ra, i, l i, ln following adjectives Location terms: trn, d i, trong, ngoi, gi a, tr c, sau Verbs: cch, m t Interrogative words: bao xa Clause of reason Construction: cn n a...
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