Lesson 11 Vocabulary

Lesson 11 Vocabulary - Lesson 11 Vocabulary i excuse me hey...

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Lesson 11 Vocabulary i: excuse me, hey Ơ Làm n: please ơ Cho h i/cho…h i: to let someone ask Làm n cho h i: could you tell me, please ơ Khách s n: hotel Đ ng: way road ườ Đi đ ng nào?: What way to take? ườ Th ng: straight Ngã ba: T-intersection D c: slope H t: end ế Đi h t d c: to come to the end of the slope ế Ngã t : intersection ư R : to turn Tay: arm, harnd Trái: left R [tay] trái: to turn left Đ p xe: to ride a bicycle Là: then, yet Th : and (used at the beginning of a ế sentence in colloquial Vietnamese) H : polite particle, used before a personal pronoun in questions Ch … thôi: only Đ : approximately, about Không dám: you are welcome (reply to a thank you) Nào … cũng: every Qu y: stand kiosk Qu y [bán] báo: newsstand Đ u: head, beginning Đ u đ ng: at the beginning of the street ườ Đ ng: side (in some word-combinations) Đ ng kia: over there Kia: there, over there B ng: in, by Còn … thì: as for N c ngoài: foreign ướ Ngo i văn: foreign languages (in some word combination) C a hang sách báo ngo i văn: foreign
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