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Lesson 12 Vocabulary

Lesson 12 Vocabulary - Grammar Prepositions bng and v Final...

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Grammar Prepositions: b ng and v Final particle: ch M i denoting a suggestion Preposition cho used with some verbs demanding two objects Particle đâu placed at the end of a negative sentence Personal pronoun: ng i ta ườ Thôi as a separate sentence Reciprocal pronoun: nhau L i placed after some verbs Ngay in the sense of “just, right” Emphatic: có Classifier: n n Usage Verbs “to wear, to have on the body” in Vietnamese Đ c không as an interrogative word ượ and đ c as a reply ượ Questions and responses about prices Verb: quen Noun: siêu th Lesson 12 Vocabulary Áo ng n tay: short sleeve shirt Cô bán hàng: salegirls, saleswoman C t nhiên: feel free, go ahead ứ ự B ng: (made) of L a: silk Đ c không: is it ok? ượ Ch : final particle Phòng th : fitting room Ch t: too small C : size M c: to wear Xanh lá cây: green Xanh n c bi n: navy blue ướ M i: please V a: to fit Giá: price Sao đ t th : It’s too expensive
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