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Lesson 13 Vocabulary

Lesson 13 Vocabulary - Grammar Verbs c and b Cng denoting...

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Grammar Verbs: đ c and b ượ Cũng denoting the speaker’s reluctant agreement H t used before a verb ế N a used with time expression M i meaning “each” Temporal preposition: t Emphatic c meaning “even” Usage Expressions conveying feelings of illness Verbs: khuyên Final particle ch in a question Rules for writing a letter Word Formation Reduplication Lesson 13 Vocabulary N i / Khoa n i: internal medicine Bác sĩ n i: internist, specialist in internal diseases B : to suffer Anh b sao?: What’s the matter? Nh c: ache, a stinging pain Nh c đ u: (to have) a headache Ho: (to) cough H ng: throat Đau: (to feel a) pain Lâu ch a?: How long have you had this ư problem? S t: fever B s t: to have a fever Nhi t đ : Temperature Đ : degree Khám / Khám b nh (cho): to examine Há mi ng: to open one’s mouth To: wide(ly) C i [ra]: to take off Cúm: influenza, flu Thu c: medicine, drug Kh i: to get better, recover Đ
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