Lesson 14 Vocabulary

Lesson 14 Vocabulary - Grammar Use of the word u Use of tly...

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Grammar Use of the word đ u Use of t …l y N a, r i, and r i ưỡ ưở Use of c , t t c , m i, t ng ả ấ ả ọ ừ Emphatic…này…này Noun clauses with là and r ng Preposition c a used with the verbs of borrowing Clauses of concession Negative không / không ph i…mà…and ch không [Càng] ngày càng and m i lúc m t in the sense of gradual increase Restrictive m i Usage Initial particle: à Kinship term chú as a personal pronoun Use of m t ít Difference between lúa, thóc, g o, c m, ơ denoting rice Word Formation Vocabulary borrowed from Chinese Lesson 14 Vocabulary Bò: cow, beef Tái: rare, half-cooked Chín: well-done Gà: Chicken N c: lean N c: water ướ N c dung: broth ướ t: (red) pepper N c m m: fish sauce ướ T ng t: hot chili sauce ươ Gia v : spice, condiment T : self T i: fresh ươ Tính: to calculate, figure out Bà làm n cho tích ti n: We’d like the bill, ơ please. C a anh ch …: You had… H t t t c …: Your total is… ế ấ ả R i: and a half ưở Đ c s n: specialties, specials
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