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Grammar Different function of mà Causative verb làm/làm cho Emphatic ch …là… Đ with the meaning “let someone do something” Use of the verbs tr nên and tr thành Indefinite pronouns and adverbs with đ y and đó Arithmetic Preposition and conjunction do Classifier c n ơ Construction “superlative + là + subject” Emphatic chích Usage Use of the word th t/th t là Combinations of the words đông, tây, nam, b c Use of the verb k p Use of đ c cái ượ Use of th y nói, nghe nói Use of ch a ăn thua gì ư Use of làm gì có Metric vs. British and American measures Use of nh h ng ưở Difference between băng and đá Use of trung bình Lesson 15 Vocabulary M y hôm nay: these days, in recent days Th t/th t là: really Khó ch u: unpleasant To: heavy, heavily (speaking of rain) Kéo dài: to last (for a long time) Đ ng sá: roads (collective noun) ườ L y l i: muddy ầ ộ Ng i: (to be) hesitant, unwilling
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