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micro syllabus - Syllobus 1 Medicol lttlicrobiology MCRO...

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Syllobus. 1. Medicol lttlicrobiology, MCRO 251 2. INSTRUCTOR: Lorraine Cramer, Ph.D. 8220 Mary Ellen Jones Bldg Chcpel Hill, NC 27599 Email: [email protected] Enoil is the best woy to gat in touch with mel Office hours: Due to the size of the class ond the problems ossociof€d with juggfing lorge numbers of students, I will see students by oppointment only. Emqif me to set up on oppointmenf. There qre no office hours 24 haurs prior to ony exqm. Office hours are: A. /l/tondoy 2:00-4:00 pm. B. Tuesdoy,2-4:00 pm C. Wed. 9-t?pm Directions to my office A. My office is on the 8th floor of the Mory Ellen Jones Building (MEJB). MEJB is locafed south of the dentol school on the corne? of West 5t. ond Monning Drive. f,Ay office is in room 822D. Enter the front of the buildingl When you exit the elevator. turn RI6HT ond you will see my office block in front of you. B. To get to lvlEJB: 1) Driviqg: From Fronklin- Heod South on Columbio, toke the jog around Corolina Inn ond turn left onto Pittsboro. Tqke left fork of Pittsboro, which will cross 5. Columbio, ond become Monning Dr. There is o porking garage available to the public on the second block. turn right onto New Eost Dr. Porking is $1.50/hour. tvlEJB is on the corner of West St. and Monning opposite the Dentol School ond ccddy-corner from the hospitol. 2)
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This note was uploaded on 12/01/2009 for the course MCRO 251 taught by Professor Lorrainecramer during the Spring '09 term at UNC.

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micro syllabus - Syllobus 1 Medicol lttlicrobiology MCRO...

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