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Department of Electrical Engineering Introduction to Computer Engineering 1 Assignment 6: Computer Architecture This assignment is not to be handed in, but is intended as a tutorial to help you understand the key elements of Chapter 5. Question 1 : Consider the datapath shown in Figure 4.39, Patterson & Hennessy, p. 269. Like the more complex control unit of the MIPS cpu, e.g. Figure 5.50, p. 416, the control can be implemented as a finite state machine. To make the problem more interesting, assume that a non-restoring algorithm is used for division. What changes are required in the datapath? Next, draw the finite state machine diagram for the modified datapath (assume numbers are positive). Question 2 (5.8) Suppose there were a MIPS instruction, called bcp , that copied a block of words from one address to another. Assume that this instruction requires that the starting address of the source block is in register $1 and the destination address is in $2, and the number of words to copy is in $3 (which is > 0). Furthermore, assume that the values of
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ecse221_as6 - Department of Electrical Engineering...

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