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Roger Boisjoly o-rings (2 seals on joints between SRB sections) malfunction; known as early as 1977 2 o-rings on a prior flight on a cold day had been destroyed manager decided to keep information secret engineers had ideas on how to fix o-rings. Ignored. Memo: stand in jeopardy of losing a flight, loss of human life, etc. Team formed to deal with problem but they had no power or resources. Managers ignore some more. Nasa asks: is cold temperature launch a problem? Nasa asks for rationale presentation. Not enough time to make presentation, but Thiokol recommends minimum 53 degrees F. Nasa Says “inconclusive.” (but if inconclusive results, the not safe!) Thiokol managers make “management decision” to ignore engineers. Nasa goes ahead with launch, kaboom. Shuttle didn’t blow up immediately due to strength of metal housing, but did after a couple minutes. Presidential inquiry: engineers (boisjoly) say managers fucked em. Managers try to
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