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mime221_3_gorges_dam - Hydro power works by making water...

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3 Gorges Dam Dam on the Yangtse river in China This structure will be able to be seen from space when it is completed 40000 people work on it from start to finish Cost: $28 billion Biggest dam in history Started 1994, finish 2009 1998 - worst flood in 44 years happened. People CRUSHED Yangtse floods regularly, very dangerous: Dam’s purpose is to stop these floods Also provides hydroelectricity and regular supply of drinking water “Symbol” of use of technology/modernization Yangtse’s tributaries are unpolluted, but main Yangtse is the most polluted river in the  world Coal power generators pollute a lot. Hopefully hydro power will reduce coal usage (very  dangerous and polluting, causes acid rain and heart disease)
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Unformatted text preview: Hydro power works by making water flow through a tunnel really fast which makes a turbine in the tunnel spin which runs a generator. Impact Pro: Economy No floods Hydro power Con: Much will be flooded. Many many people will have to move ~2 million? New towns will be worse than old ones? Old rural communities/way of life will be CRUSHED Old historic temples and cultural thingys will also be CRUSHED Dangers Silt may build up in the reservoir. Cause floodings upstream? Earthquakes may CRUSH dam. If dam fails, people will be CRUSHED Antiquities/historical artefacts will be CRUSHED. Bothers Chinese very deeply to lose this. ‘Ultimately, this is a battle between China’s past and its future.’...
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