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Fact of the Case On March 28, 1979, at 4.A.M, Three Mile Island nuclear reactor in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania released radioactive materials into the surrounding atmosphere. Fortunately, the accident did not result in human injury or death because of the low quantity of leaked radioactive materials; or the damage was too little the consequence of the leakage was not detectable; or one couldn’t link the damages, potentially made by TIM, to the accident. But still, Three Mile Island was the most severe nuclear accident in U.S history (Robertson) Supervisor, Bill Zewe, 2 licensed experts, Fraud and Fredrick, and 16 trained, ‘but unlicensed auxiliary’ workers operated TIM. The failure in supplying cooling water overheated the reactor. The heat caused the nuclear fuel pellet to melt. The radioactive materials released from the pellet were released. It did not breach the building’s wall. At least, the worst didn’t happen. (Three) Nuclear Regulatory Commission, informed by the operators, measured the radioactivity in the atmosphere by 7:45 A.M. NRC team sufficiently cooled down the reactor by the evening on the same day. General Public Utilities and Bechtel Northern Corporation cleaned up the mass afterwards.(Detailed) No public evacuation was declared except for pregnant women and children. (Fact) Three Mile Island reminded the USA the danger of nuclear power as well as its benefit. After the accident, NRC strengthened its inspection program; engineers were encouraged to come up with safer nuclear reactor system design. Moral Issues or Questions Involved
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mime221_essay_TMI - Fact of the Case On March 28, 1979, at...

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