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Unformatted text preview: Pre‐Lab Worksheet Spring 2009 Lab 1: Algae and Fungi Directions: Please complete a response to the following questions. Responses of more than 4 grammatically correct sentences will result in a deduction of points. Be concise and precise. These work sheets are due not later than the start of your lab. 1. (1 point) A fellow scientist comes up to you and states he can differentiate between Rhodophyta, Phaeophyta, and Chlorophyta based on differentiation of the pigments found in each phylum. Upon closer inspection of your friend’s experimental protocols, you note he only isolated chlorophyll a. a. Is your friend correct in his identification/differentiation based upon his protocol. Explain your answer, and ; b. What would you use (pigment isolation) to differentiate between these three phyla? (DO NOT attempt to use a specific experiment, but rather state what pigment would you need to isolate in order to differentiate between the three types of algae) 2. (1 point) Which phylum of algae is most closely associated with terrestrial plants. Please briefly defend your response. 3. (1 point) Please tell us which Domain or Kingdom is used for the following organisms: Mushroom Red algae A tree Lichen Kingdom Domain Kingdom Kingdom 4. (1 point) Into which Kingdom is Rhizopus stolonifer classified? 5. (1 point) In one experiment you do in this lab, you will run a paper chromatogram of chlorophyll isolated from a leaf. There are 4 major pigments which you will observe after the chromatogram is completed. These pigments are: chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b, carotenoids and xanthans. As a form of critical thinking and as preparation for this experiment: a. which pigment is most soluble in the solvent used in the experiment b. Which chlorophyll, a or b, do you think is the least soluble in the solvent. c. Please sketch what you think the final chromatogram looks like—that is, sketch from top to bottom the way in which YOU think the pigments appear on the chromatogram. Do not fret if you are wrong—we will return this sheet to you so you can correct your answer. Remember that this question is forcing you to think “critically” and also think about your experiment and the results that you should consider. ...
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