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AP Biology Syllabus Course Information Teacher: Ms. Bergman Course: AP Biology Email: [email protected] My Website: www.biowithoutwalls.com AP Biology Website: http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/ap/sub_bio.html Phone: Students may reach me at 412-951-4222 only in the event of an emergency including severe illness, family emergency, etc. Students and parents may otherwise contact the SWW office. ALL STUDENTS WHO ENROLL IN AP BIOLOGY ARE EXPECTED TO TAKE THE AP BIOLOGY EXAM. EXAM DATE: May 10, 2010 Expectations The AP Biology course is designed to be the equivalent of a two-semester college introductory biology course usually taken by biology majors during their first year. The class is designed for students who have taken both biology and chemistry. In addition, it is strongly recommended that students in the course are taking or have taken physics. Students interested in pursuing science in college and/or as a career are encouraged to take the class. Students who do well on the AP biology exam (a 3 or better) may qualify for college credit and/or may be exempt from taking freshman-level biology courses as part of a degree in the sciences. What is expected of you: Doing biology can be incredibly challenging as well as incredibly rewarding. I say “doing biology” because science is something that is done – not just a set of facts to be memorized and repeated. During this course, you will learn and do an incredible amount of science. This is a college-level course: As such, you will be required to be self-motivated, work independently and collaboratively, and to fulfill the course requirements. It will not always be easy, but with hard work, dedication and a bit of creativity, you can succeed. What you can expect from me: As part of this course, I will work with you as a teacher, supporter and guide. Although success in this course ultimately depends on your understanding and
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effort, I will do everything possible to offer the opportunity, motivation, and support to help you succeed. Goals of the Course: Themes and Concepts The Three Concepts Molecules and Cells Heredity and Evolution Organisms and Populations Eight Major Themes The eight major themes, as specified by the College Board, are: 1. Science as a Process (Nature of Science) 2. Evolution 3. Energy Transfer 4. Continuity and Change 5. Relationship of Structure to Function 6. Regulation 7. Interdependence in Nature 8. Science, Technology and Society (Nature of Science) Of these themes, evolution – change in gene frequencies in populations over
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ap-biology-syllabus - AP Biology Syllabus Course...

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