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Department of Biology May 2 Retreat Notes Many of the schools cited among the examples provided by Dr. Briggs for consideration at this retreat were in the private sector. Are there public schools similar to ours that use the 32-34 model? There is need for us to have more examples to serve as guides. Members of the department will be generating a list of possible programs and will be obtaining examples from web sources to provide material to stimulate further conversation. A little history was provided for the newer faculty explaining the concept of productivity that drove The College programs for a number of years. Flexibility was not part of the earlier system and is expected to be part of the transformative 32/34 concept. Flexibility will be necessary if all The College of New Jersey schools and departments are to participate in the new concept. Concern that this transformation would result in a break-up of the AFT into individual campus units was expressed. Workloads are already different among the state colleges. Each campus ATF unit is allowed to engage in Memoranda of agreement. Therefore the transformation would not force nor need the break-up of the statewide union to enable it to happen. If we agree that there is a need and a desire to improve the education of students then there is a need to do a transformation. Making minor changes in the existing system would not be sufficient. This statement opened a discussion on what might be needed to achieve educational improvement. Several of the participants felt that the students have it in them to make this change. A change in admission criteria could ensure that the student body would be receptive and responsive. Future classes will select TCNJ with the expectation of an enhanced learning environment. However, we cannot achieve the
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biology (1) - Department of Biology May 2 Retreat Notes...

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