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biology honors (2) - Dear Honors Students and Parents We...

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Dear Honors Students and Parents: We recognize that a quantity of students may be motivated to accept additional assignments, and more rigorous expectations in order to enhance their understanding of science beyond that of our standard curriculum. To provide for that eventuality and reward those students for their work and effort, this class has the option of being completed for “Honors” credit. This designation will be visible on academic performance transcripts. This designation does not mathematically change your semester or cumulative grade point average in any way. Earning Honors The burden for receiving “Honors” credit is substantial and should not be taken lightly. Below, we will outline the social and academic requirements for receiving this credit. Please note that an “Honors” student must perform with great merit academically, as well as socially. Students must fill out and sign application for Honors designation. This must be completed and turned into your teacher by Nov. 3). Students will maintain an exemplary attendance record. This means no unexcused absences and no discipline referrals for excessive tardies. (Fall and Spring Semesters) Students will maintain an exemplary behavioral record. This means no discipline referrals for any infraction of school rules. (Fall and Spring) Students will complete the course with a grade of an “A” 93%. (Fall and Spring) Students must complete a 3 projects each semester by the project due dates. No projects can be repeated. I _____________________ have decided to enroll in honors Biology and will work toward fulfilling the requirements as outlined above for the 2008/2009 school year. ____________________________ ___________ _________________________ Student signature Date Parent signature for consent
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Biology: Honors Science Project Guidelines One project must be completed by the due dates, for a total of 3 projects per semester. You may not repeat a project. Due dates: 1 st semester 2 nd semester Mon., Nov 24, 2008 Mon., March 23, 2009 Mon., Dec 15, 2008 Mon., April 27, 2009 Mon., Jan 26, 2009 Mon., May 18, 2009 You must follow the directions or you will receive no credit or only partial credit. You must include any references that you used to complete the project. Be sure to include name, date and class period on work and include your project sheet.
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