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Biology Concept Inventory (BCI) Bioliteracy Project / Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology, UC Boulder, Boulder, CO. 80309 Our strategy in developing the BCI, currently a 30 item multiple-choice instrument aimed at basic biological concepts, was to follow a pathway that ensures anchorage in what students think, as opposed to what the developers (or content experts) believe they think. These steps consist of: 1) Broad essay questions designed to elicit responses representing the spectrum of student conceptual understanding (something that is often poorly appreciated by instructors/experts.) 2) Response analysis to capture student language. Student essays are coded for the presence of concepts, both correct and incorrect, leading to a "concept catalog" database that provides the raw material for questions, answers and distracters. This process is greatly facilitated by our on-line suite of text analysis tools, known as "Ed's Tools" (accessible through the website).
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