CareerProject-Directions2009 - FINAL PROJECT:...

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Unformatted text preview: FINAL PROJECT: Biology-Related Career Goals : 1) Become aware of the relevance of biology learning for a variety of professions, not only the obvious ones. 2) Research one specific career option that depends on biological knowledge. In terms of content, benefits, education, income. 3) Offer yourself to be hired for the career, based on youre A. Knowledge of Biology, B. Personality. Resources : For the career research two main resources are recommended to you: 1) Your textbooks website : Go to (choose California / Biology), Click on Biozine , at the bottom of the page, click on Careers . Or just go directly to 2) Career Cruising : (Available on campus only) Go to the LAUSD digital library, and choose 3) Teacher-generated matrix chart : Available in class or online, this chart matches many possible careers with the topics in biology that each career would rely on. 4) School Library : There are several printed resources about careers in science. Check them out! (Ask Mr. Martinez for guidance). Final Project Parts : A. Career Research: Career is described in detail, including ALL of the following information: 1. Job Description (What do these people actually DO?) 2. Working Conditions 3. Earnings 4. Education Needed 5. Career path (promotion prospects)...
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CareerProject-Directions2009 - FINAL PROJECT:...

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