chp 40-43.45hw - AP Biology Chp 40-43, 45 Homework Chp 40:...

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AP Biology Chp 40-43, 45 Homework Chp 40: Basic Principles of Animal Form and Function 1. Describe at least two obstacles and solutions that animals have experienced/developed in their move onto land and the world of multicellularity in a dry environment. 2. Create a table that categorizes the four main types of tissues, provides examples of each and describe for each at least one example of how the tissue’s structure relates directly to its function in an animal. 3. Relate Figures 40.7 & 40.10 to the concepts of ectotherm vs. endotherm & to basal metabolic rate (BMR) vs. standard metabolic rate (SMR). 4. Describe the difference between positive and negative feedback and their relationship to homeostasis using examples from animal systems throughout the chapter. Chp 41: Animal Nutrition 1. Compare the 4 types of feeders and 3 main diet types. 2. How does figure 41.3 demonstrate feedback? Is it positive or negative? 3. How do hormones regulate appetite (fig 41. 5)? How may this relate to obesity? 4. a. What are the 6 main nutrient needs of the body (3 are described – what are the other 3) & what are they used for? b. What are essential amino acids? c. Know the importance of vitamins : B1, folic acid, C, A, D d. Know the importance of minerals : Ca, P, S, K, Fe, I
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5. Complete the chart below – use it as a study guide for the process of enzymatic digestion and the respective enzymes. 6.
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chp 40-43.45hw - AP Biology Chp 40-43, 45 Homework Chp 40:...

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