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Relationships between Protected Areas and Sustainable Forest Management: A Preliminary Assessment by Yolanda Wiersma (Memorial University of Newfoundland) Peter Duinker (Dalhousie University) Wolfgang Haider (Simon Fraser University) Glen Hvenegaard (University of Alberta) Anne Munier (Memorial University of Newfoundland) Fiona Schmiegelow (University of Alberta) Note: this draft concept paper has been prepared by the research team leading the Sustainable Forest Management Network State-of-Knowledge project on “Protected Areas and Sustainable Forest Management”. Our goal is to generate discussion at the Workshop on January 22-23, 2008. Comments are most welcome to any of the authors. I. Introduction Background In the context of research planning for the Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Network (a national Network of Centres of Excellence based at the University of Alberta), forest stakeholders have expressed considerable interest regarding the relationships between protected areas (PAs) and SFM. Specific areas of interest include the roles of PAs in the context of nature conservation in larger forested landscapes managed primarily for timber production, as well as the roles of SFM in timber-producing forests in supporting nature conservation associated with PAs. In response to this interest, we are undertaking this project to investigate how PAs fit into the broader concept of SFM, and also how SFM contributes to nature protection. The project objectives are to: (a) undertake a comprehensive review and synthesis of literature on concepts related to PAs and SFM; and (b) engage interested forest stakeholders from across Canada to examine innovative approaches, within different knowledge systems, toward understanding the relationships between PAs and SFM. The literature review is well under way, with an annotated bibliography serving as an interim product. Some of that literature is summarized herein. Stakeholder engagement will occur along a number of fronts, mainly through workshops but also through a survey to be implemented by a student team at University of Western Ontario. In advance of the project’s first major workshop in January 2008, we have prepared this paper to summarize our preliminary thinking on the topic and to prompt readers to reflect on the subject matter in preparation for subsequent dialogue.
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Scope To frame the discussion and establish reasonable bounds for deliberations, we must at the outset reveal our conceptions of PAs and SFM. The conceptions as discussed below are offered only to guide discussions – they do not represent any kind of final word on how the concepts ought to be defined. Rather, they represent how the concepts are beginning to be defined and scoped for this project. Doubtless, exchanges of ideas among people engaged in the project will lead to helpful refinements to these conceptions, and such refinements will find their way into
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conceptpaper_draft2008_0114 - Relationships between...

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