Crime Scene Investigation Assignment

Crime Scene Investigation Assignment - No Rewrite option...

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Principles of Biology II Spring 2007 Assignment 7 (25 points) Background and Summary of DNA Forensic Science Must be typed, double-spaced, and about 3 pages in length. Due at the beginning of next lab session - March 19 th 2007. You will be writing a summary of the crime scene investigation lab you conducted during these two weeks of lab. You MUST follow this format for your summary. Failure to follow the format, or omitting any information, will negatively impact your grade. SCIENCE WRITING IS CONCISE AND TO THE POINT, SO YOUR WRITING SHOULD BE TOO. Introduction (must use this subheading) - maximum of 2 pages in length. Provide background information about evidence used to solve crimes. The information must be obtained from sources using your “information literacy” skills (e.g EBSCOHOST, INFOTRAC, etc.). You must include a minimum of 3 sources to support your information; only one of the sources may be a web site. You must cite the sources using the correct format (Author(s) and year of publication). See the lab manual for format guidance or You should discuss these aspects of the topic. o Briefly describe the evidence that has traditionally been used to solve crimes (Physical fingerprints, blood type, shoeprints, etc.). Briefly address the limitations of these traditional techniques. o Briefly describe the technique of DNA fingerprinting and describe how it is used in solving crimes. Address the history of DNA analysis use in forensics. Address the validity of DNA analysis, e.g., how confident can a prosecutor be that the DNA evidence leads to the correct perpetrator? Provide statistics or data about reliability of results. o
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Crime Scene Investigation Assignment - No Rewrite option...

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