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TransPacific Hawaii College Honolulu, Hawaii Associate in Arts Degree Course Outline 1. COURSE NUMBER AND TITLE: BIOLOGY 101 Introduction to Biology 2. SEMESTER UNITS: Lecture: 3 Units 3. CONTACT HOURS PER SEMESTER: Lecture: 48 4. PRE-REQUISITES/CO-REQUISITES: None 5. COURSE SUMMARY: Provides an introduction into the study of general biology, starting from basic scientific concepts and processing to chemistry, physics and the natural laws that govern life and all living things. The course continues with studies of living creatures, from the tiny and simple through to the complexities of plants and animals, ending with a basic understanding of ecology and the study of population dynamism. The purpose of this course is to provide the students with: a. An introduction to the scientific method of knowledge acquisition; b. Experience using logic and sound deduction/induction for the critical evaluation of information; c. A basic understanding of biological process common to life; d. An introduction to Classification and taxonomy – comparing fundamental differences in the forms and how they may differ; e. An introduction to genetics, heredity and evolution – thus explaining how present-day organisms may have arisen; f. An introduction to ecology and an understanding of how different life forms, including humans,
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This note was uploaded on 12/01/2009 for the course BIO BIO130 taught by Professor Goralka during the Spring '09 term at Diablo Valley College.

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-Descriptions-Biology 101 - TransPacific Hawaii College...

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