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Finally as we have in conservation biology a concept named existence value, that describes the importance of all wild creatures. We should wonder whether camelids breeders in the UK and Europe also care about the existence value and the current welfare status of wild vicuñas and guanacos. They are managed, sometimes with extreme cruelty and lack of interest on their welfare, for the sole fact that their fibre is so precious in Europe and Asia. Many hundreds of vicunas and guanacos are now
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Unformatted text preview: rounded up in the wild and sheared, but little is done to prevent welfare problems. Should camelids breeders take action and promote welfare standards for South american camelids? FINALLY ADD TO THE SECTION ABOUT THE AUTHORS Authors order is now Cristián Bonacic after Davies Lama Award please add The Whitley Commendation Award 2007 Jessica Gimpel works in the Animal Welfare Department of the Chilean Zoo...
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