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9/16/09 Chemistry and Chemical Biology GSR Meeting Summary Chemical Waste Procedures – Brenda Coolbaugh from Cornell EH&S discussed the following: - Since EH&S now picks up the Chemistry and Chemical Biology waste, they will switch us to a process that is used by the remainder of Cornell. Since we have already begun using the computer “pick-up request” form, the major change is boxing the waste ourselves. The boxes with Styrofoam inserts will be kept in 358 Baker Lab. If additional boxes are needed, please contact EH&S at 58200. We currently have 4 groups that are on a weekly pickup and do not need to complete the “pick-up request” form. These are Coates, Collum, Dichtel, and Njardarson. Brenda passed out “tip sheets” to remind us of the process. If anyone that did not attend the meeting want to obtain one of these, please contact Cheryl. Spring 2009 Lab Inspection Summary – Thanks to GSRs for your help! There were 41 deficiencies as compared to 67 last semester and an average of 44 in the last 5 years. We have typically found less deficiencies in the Spring, possibly because of having the NYS Fire Inspection at the same time. The top categories were chemical labeling, chemical storage, peroxide checks, refrigerator cleaning and waste labeling. Chemical labeling, chemical storage and peroxide checks
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GSRMeeting092009 - Chemistry and Chemical Biology GSR...

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