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Lab 17-2 notes - Biology 242 LAB...

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Biology 242: LAB: GAMETOGENESIS ( Spermatogenesis – Male; Oogenesis – Female) TALKING POINTS for Reproductive Cell Division I. Central Dogma of Molecular Biology Even before the genetic code was fully revealed, Francis Crick articulated what became known as the Central Dogma of molecular biology: a summary of the flow of information in cells and between generation of cells. Central Dogma may be represented as follows: Cell Replication Transcription Translation Division DNA DNA RNA Protein Trait II. Genetics Terminology (Genotype) (Phenotype) A. –ploid (or ploidy) refers to the number of sets of chromosome a cell (or organism) has 1. Haploid (1n) – ONE set of chromosomes 2. Diploid (2n) – TWO sets of chromosomes 3. Triploid (3n); Tetraploid (4n); etc. Polyploid (multiple sets of chromosomes) B. Chromatin / Chromosomes / Genes / Alleles / Traits / Genotype / Phenotype / Genome 1. DNA is in its relaxed, “ribbon-like” form of CHROMATIN in the non-dividing cell (Interphase) (Chromatin is the entire complex of DNA that makes up a eukaryotic genome) 2. DNA is in its condensed , “tightly-coiled” form of CHROMOSOMES in the dividing cell
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