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Marine Biology  at UVI  BIOLOGY FACULTY AND STAFF Office Extension (340) 693-XXXX Dr. Richard Hall MSC 205 1386 Dr. Paul Jobsis MSC 211 1235 Dr. Mohamed Maftahi CA-315 1231 Dr. Donna Nemeth MSC 210 1390 Dr. Stephen Ratchford MSC 204 1387 Dr. Sandra Romano MSC 212 1389 Dr. Alice Stanford Quarters B 1242 Dr. Teresa Turner MSC 206 1382 Mr. Kevin Brown (Research Specialist) MSC 208 1384 Ms. Ann-Marie Dublin (Laboratory Manager) Quarters B 1241 Ms Tannesia Petersen (ECS program manager) CAB 308 1232 Mr. Stephen Prosterman (Diving Supervisor) MSC 101 1399 Ms. Paulette Stevens (Division Admin. Assist.) CAB 308 1230 Ms. Amanda Wright Poston (Admin. Assist. MARC & MBRS RISE) 1397 Emerging Caribbean Scientists Biology Program Home Page Marine Biology Home Page Pre-health careers home page Copies of the Biology or Marine Biology handbook Updated 18OCT07
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Marine Biology Major The requirements for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Marine Biology consist of the following Biology, Marine Biology and related courses plus a study plan written by each candidate and their program advisor. Study plan guidelines and procedures will be published by the Division of Science and Mathematics from time to time. The study plan must be approved by the faculty of the Biology Program and will be submitted to the Enrollment Management Office. Course numbering reflects the year by which courses should be completed. Any change in the study plan must be approved by the advisor and the program prior to course registration. A. Required courses in Freshman Studies (required for anyone admitted into the program with fewer than 24 credits): Credits SCI 100 The Natural World: The Caribbean 3 SSC 100 An Introduction to the Social Sciences: A Caribbean Focus 3 FDS 100 Freshman Development Seminar 1 B. Required Courses in Biology and Marine Biology (45 credit hours): Credits BIO 141-142 General Biology I-II 4-4 MBI 220 Marine Invertebrate Zoology 5 MBI 222 Ichthyology 4 BIO 223 Ecology 4 MSC 239 Oceanography 4 BIO 245 Genetics 4 BIO 349 Aquatic Plant Biology 4 BIO 360* Cell and Molecular Biology I 4 BIO 397-398 Junior Science Seminar 1-1 MBI 424 Marine Ecology 4 BIO 497, 498 Senior Science Seminar 1, 1 C. Required Courses in Related Fields (22-24 credit hours): Credits CHE 151-152 General Chemistry I-II 5-5 MAT 241 Introduction to Calculus and Analytical Geometry I 4 or MAT 235 Introductory Statistics with Applications 4 PHY 211-212 Introduction to Physics I-II 4-4 or PHY 241-242 General Physics 5-5 or PHY 241-212 General Physics I , Introduction to Physics II 5-4 D. In addition to the courses not chosen to fulfill the requirement in Section B, the following are strongly recommended for students intending to pursue graduate studies: Credits Mathematics 241-242 Introduction to Calculus and Analytical Geometry I-II 4-4 Chemistry 253-254 Organic Chemistry I-II 5-5
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marinebiologybook_new - MarineBiology atUVI Dr Richard Hall...

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