Science misconception I

Science misconception I - Building Conceptual Understanding...

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Building Conceptual Understanding Through Laboratory Work Weight: 15% Due October 24 Purpose We know students come to class with many preconceived and incorrect notions of the natural world. These preconceptions/misconceptions often interfere with our teaching as the students try to accommodate new information within a faulty framework. The purpose of this assignment is to have you develop your skills in building conceptual understanding and in correcting misconceptions. Developing deeper conceptual understanding requires students to have experiences with the phenomena and to actively confront their misconceptions. This is usually achieved through laboratory work. Hands-on laboratory activities provide students with interesting experiences and research suggests that laboratory activities may improve student performance. Roth (1989) 1 points out that in order for students to develop meaningful conceptual understandings through laboratory activities, ‘the processes of developing hypotheses, designing experiments, and analyzing data must be integrated with conceptual knowledge. In addition to carrying out experimental work, analyzing results is a crucial aspect of both the process of laboratory work and of conceptual change. If students are only asked to verify whether their results are correct or incorrect, misconceptions may never become apparent and conflicting data may simply be discounted.’ In this assignment you will develop activities to address a specific misconception. Assignment Details
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Science misconception I - Building Conceptual Understanding...

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