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Documentation of Structured Analysis for Selecting Scientifically-Based Research: Instructional Strategies and Programs Reviewed by the Science Content Network Date Reviewed: May 2003 Title of Study/Meta-analysis: The Effect of Concept Mapping on Students’ Anxiety and Achievement in Biology. Author(s): Olugbemiro J. Jegede, Folusho F. Alaiyemola, and Peter A. Okebukola Source, Publication Date & Pages: Journal of Research in Science Teaching , Vol. 27, No. 10, Dec 1990, PP. 951-60. This is a refereed source (journal or book). 1. What is the name or title of the instructional strategy/model, program, material, or intervention? What was the research question? What was the intended outcome of goal? Name/Title : Concept Mapping Research Question : 1) Does the metacognitive strategy of concept mapping reduce anxiety and thereby enhance achievement in biology; and 2) does gender have any significant effect on students’ anxiety towards the learning of biology through the concept mapping strategy? Description of Subjects : A total of 51 (30 boys, 21 girls) grade level 10 students of a demonstration secondary school in Zaria, Nigeria formed the sample of the study. The subjects ranged in age from 14 years 5 months to 18 years, 2 months with a mean of 16 years, 1 month. 2. Describe the strategy/model, program, material, or intervention. The experimental group became familiar with concept mapping strategy over a three-week period by lecture-discussion and practice sessions on how concept maps are constructed. After three weeks of familiarization, both the experimental and control groups were administered the pretests in anxiety and achievement. The pretests were followed immediately by six weeks of the treatment. The experimental group was exposed to teaching that required each student to construct concept maps during each lesson. The control group did not carry out concept mapping but was taught using the lecture/expository approach. Both the experimental and the control groups were taught by the second investigator. The treatment consisted of teaching the students selected concepts from units on Nutrition
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science_9-12_11 - Documentation of Structured Analysis for...

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