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SEED Academy Spring 2009 Synthetic Biology Syllabus, 12 th Grade Contact Information During SEED Saturday class session hours, we can be reached in the laboratory Lab: 66-0064 Lab Phone: 617-252-3799 Email: [email protected] (All Instructors and T.A.s) Justin Buck (Instructor) Email: [email protected] Office: 48-216 André Green II (Instructor) Email: [email protected] Timothy McIntosh (T.A.) Email: [email protected] Office Hours Office hours, tutoring, and homework help will be held on a weekly basis. Time and location of office hours will be announced at the beginning of the semester. Description / Goal / Objective Synthetic Biology is an exciting emerging field which seeks to develop and facilitate the engineering of biology as an intentional, rational, standardized, and reproducible discipline. Synthetic Biology takes a ground up approach to the creation of living machines for achieving a wide variety of engineering objectives in fields ranging from medicine to environment and energy to computation. The goal of this class is to gain practical, hands-on experience in molecular biology techniques relevant to the field of Biological Engineering while learning the design concepts, methods, and rationale behind Synthetic Biology. During the course, we will learn the process of cloning a gene from start to finish including using PCR to amplify a gene of interest, BioBrick assembly of DNA fragments, transformation of DNA into a host bacteria strain, and controlled expression through a variety of expression systems. Finally, we characterize the systems we have created so that they may be understood and used in a quantitative fashion. Course Website Course materials will be posted online at the course website (wiki format). Students are expected to be familiar with using the website for access to reading material, assignments, discussion, and project submission. The course website can be found at:
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SEED_Syllabus-2009 - SEED Academy Spring 2009 Synthetic...

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