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Summaryofbiologystudiesdonea MDRS - Summary of biology...

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Summary of biology studies done at MDRS Note sometimes the geology and biology overlap as in the case for halophiles, endoliths, and lichens. All field season's reports can be found under MDRS Mission Archives. Field Season 1--December 7, 2001--May 7, 2002 Crew 1a (February 13, 2002) Crew 1a studied extremophiles. They described their OPH testing in a biology report for February 12, 2002. They also found cells in samples; their methods of preparation for microscopy are described in biology report for February 11, 2002. Crew 1b (February 20, 2002) Crew 1b used dissection scope and Olympus microscope to find visible biological epilithic growth that they concluded were lichens. Some endolithic samples contained motile cells; others contained colonial forms. A conglomerate rock contained a green endolithic layer with algal-like cells. The final biology report includes many details about their collecting and analyzing methods. Crew 2 Crew 2 found microbes living in water-ice mixture in White Rock Canyon (about 4.5-5 Km southeast of HAB. They also found gram-negative coccoid bacteria in dry soils near Coal Mine Wash. Crew 3 Report is long and detailed about gathering and transporting biology samples. A large table shows results from culturing putative halophiles. Crew 4 Crew 4 found that biological richness of samples could be quantified in a simple experiment: they measured mass of samples then added soda lime. Crew 6 Crew 6 conducted OPH activity experiments. Several samples displayed significant activity. They did standard optical staining procedures.
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Field Season 2--November 9, 2002--May 24, 2003 Crew 7 Crew 7 collected lichens and endoliths. Endolithic samples were going to be examined in Nealson Lab at USC to sequence certain DNA strands. With microscope they observed spheres and branching chains. Crew 8 Crew 8 discovered dinosaur bones and collected cryptolithic and endolithic cyanobacteria. Crew 9 Crew 9 did research with stress and cortisol levels. They also found coliform bacteria in the Greenhab and attempted to isolate DNA from lichens. Crew 10 Crew 10 collected algae on rocks. They found endoliths. Crew 11 Crew 11 collected numerous environmental samples. Samples were examined with stereo microscope. Molecular phylogeny of microbial communities would later be done. Crew 12 Crew 12 studied the effects of field operations in space suits on the crew's heart rate. Crew 13
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Summaryofbiologystudiesdonea MDRS - Summary of biology...

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