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Karina Champion, Try out Teaching CONCEPT ATTAINMENT Concept to be taught : Ecosystems Learning Objectives: Given today’s concept attainment on Ecosystems the students will complete a small group sorting task, whole group brainstorming, and illustrate two ecosystems including at least four examples of critical attributes. Procedures Phase 1: Explain Goal and Establish Set Provide agenda: T: Hi everyone, today you are going to be 10 th graders. I have today’s learning objectives listed over here if you need to refer to it for evaluation. The Learning objectives are (read learning objectives). T: Good morning, welcome to second period. Today we are going to build upon our previous unit on classification of living organisms into Kingdom, order, class, phylum, genus, and species. We are going to develop an understanding of what kinds of things live together and do not live together and why. T: Don’t worry if you don’t understand right away we are going to be continuing this unit over the next week and returning to the information over the semester so you can incorporate it into your end of semester project. T: We will start today by doing some examples on the board together, then breaking up into small work groups, after which we will collaborate as a class, do a bit more work in groups, then you will all do a piece of writing on your own. T: I’m going to show you all some examples of organisms on the board, take a minute to think then let me know what lives together and what does not. (Put examples of things on board: crab, sea anemone, squirrel, and robin) T: So what lives together what doesn’t? (Crab and sea anemone live together, squirrel and robin live together) Phase 2: Input of examples and non examples T: Great job everyone, now that we’ve done a brief example together you are all going to sort some things out in small groups. (get class into small groups of three and pass out envelopes of organisms) T: Sort the organisms into what lives together and while you are sorting spend some time thinking and talking about why they live together. You will have 5 minutes to complete sorting. (Start music and clear board while they are working) T: (at one minute left) You have one more minute so start wrapping up. T: (turn off music)
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TOT CONCEPT ATTAINMENT - Karina Champion, Try out Teaching...

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