WELCOME TO Biology 2008

WELCOME TO Biology 2008 - WelcometoBiology...

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Welcome to Biology         Mrs. Farnsworth Room 506 Materials you will need for class: Biology Curriculum 1. A 100 pages composition  notebook(provided)            1 st Semester : Principles of Cell Biology , 2.  loose leaf notebook paper                Ecology and Exploring Diversity . 3.  #2 pencils                2 nd Semester: Genetics, Principles of Evolution , 4.  colored pencils   Exploring Plants, Exploring Human Biology 5. spiral notebook (for vocabulary and notes)     If for any reason you are not able to purchase these materials, please contact Mrs. Farnsworth at  debbie.farnsworth@vansd.org  or in person by Friday September 12 th . Composition notebook The composition notebook is to be used for Biology labs and in class assignments. It is not to be used for other assignments for other classes.  This is to stay in the classroom . (This will be provided this year by Mrs. Farnsworth) ***Colored pencil donations for the classroom would be happily accepted Procedure: Everyday come into class and get your composition notebook. Put your name and date on the right top of the page and begin answering whatever questions or prompts are  on the board. When you have finished wait quietly for the daily assignment. Backpacks:  Backpacks will be stored in a designated a designated area during the class period.  Quiz and Test taking:
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WELCOME TO Biology 2008 - WelcometoBiology...

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