Lab3-Clavicle-Right or Left2

Lab3-Clavicle-Right or Left2 - that would make the left...

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Clavicle: Left or Right? Slide from lab powerpoint: If we flipped this over to produce a mirror image, you get the following image: Then, we have to determine which of these images is the Superior view and which is the Inferior view, because without this piece of information, it is still not obvious which clavicle this is a picture of. In lab I gave you the situation where the first picture was given as an Inferior view, so
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Unformatted text preview: that would make the left picture Superior and the right one Inferior = LEFT clavicle. Dont worry about this particular situation. It is difficult to classify a bone from a picture, which is why youll be tested on the models and actual bones during exams. Just remember: -Sternal end is Medial & has a sharper cut-off-Acromial end is Lateral & is flat-Superior surface of clavicle is Smooth-Inferior surface is ridged-Medial 2/3 of clavicle is Convex-Lateral 1/3 of clavicle is Concave...
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