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MUCOSA Epithelium + specialized cells SUBMUCOSA Glands MUSCULARIS EXTERNA layers FUNCTION of Organ Special features? Retroperitoneal? Oral Cavity Stratified squamos (keratinized on outside) -intrinsic salivary glands within this mucosa layer Salivary glands (extrinsic) 1.submaxillary/ submandibular (mixed) 2. parotid (serous cells) 3.sublingual (mostly mucous cells) -small ducts=cuboidal epith -provide entrance for food -teeth: mech digestion -tongue: assist movement of bolus -salivary glands: bind bolus, digest starches… -lingual tonsil Pharynx -Oropharynx -Laryngo pharynx Moist stratified squamos Muscular walls -skeletal for swallowing -3 external muscle layers: pharyngeal constrictor muscles -passageway for food, fluids and air -epiglottis: covers larynx when swallow -palantine tonsils -uvula: blocks nasopharynx when swallow Esophagus Moist strat. Squamos (non keratinized) Deep mucous glands -upper 1/3: skeletal -middle 1/3: mixed -lower 1/3: smooth -2 layers: inner circular, outer long. -propels food towards stomach
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