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Respiratory diagrams KEY

Respiratory diagrams KEY - Laryngeal Cartilages ——_BE...

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Unformatted text preview: Laryngeal Cartilages: ——_BE_ Corniculate Cuneiform Arytenoid Epiglottis Cricoid Thyroid Respiratory Subdivisions: trachea 10 bronchus (goes to L/R lung) 6 “*— 2° bronchus (goes to lobe) *would be 3 branches ifRight Conducting O division 3 bronchus (goes to segment) A . bronchiole (goes to lobuie) J terminal bronchiole ‘ \ respiratory bronchiole alveolar duct Respiratory d1V181011 alveolar sacs Lobes of Left lung vs. Right lung Cusps of Left AV valve vs. Right AV valve 2 3 ...
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