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1 Analysis of Harrison Downs © Stephen Hunt, Jr. To begin, it is important to note the letterhead that visibly includes Downs’ name on the top that would evidently signify a place of importance or at least standing with the New York Lecture Bureau (NYLB). However, the ambiguous nature of the NYLB is the next place of analysis. The New York Lecture Bureau It could be assumed that the NYLB is a smaller section or subdivision of other lecture bureaus (as could be alluded to in the opening paragraph of the pre-printed section). Further, the address would indicate a larger city, but the definite location of the address is vague. It would seem that there is a larger group of lecture bureaus referred to in the opening of the pre- printed paragraph. This could be several state lecture bureaus under one umbrella of operation or could just be several independent ones. However the fact that they all work on making arrangements for Eli Perkins would infer that this was an organized network of lecture bureaus. Further, Harrison Downs is the sole booking agent for Perkins events because he is the one who
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